“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances”

Quoted from “All the world’s a stage”  William Shakespeare‘s As You Like It,


Who is Doris


Shes 33 year old Ginger singleton from Essex who now lives in Kent. I have no children, ive never been married.  I have the best circle of friends you could ask for, their fun loving, straight talking but most of all they are there for me.


I have a good paying job

My own house

My own car

My own teeth

A full head of hair

and a great pair of boobs!


I always find it funny when you meet or are introduced to new people and you get asked those deadly questions


How many kids do you have …… None

Are you married…. ……….No

Do you have a boyfriend ……  No

Are you Gay…………….. No


I’m happy :0)


I will admit, I didn’t think I would be single with no children at 33…. ok nearly 34 but you can never tell what cards life is going to deal you!


I’ve been in relationships, good and bad, ive been single and now im dating.


I am one of the many people who uses the internet for dating.  Years ago there was a real stigma attached to those words but now a days your be surprised at the amount of people who use it. (including my neighbour 3 doors up)


Dating to me doesn’t mean sleeping with people, It means going out for dinner or drinks


Believe me at times dating can be hard work…. its sort of like having a 2nd job at times, but it’s fun as well as you get to meet some real characters… come meet them with me!