15 years ago I was a party loving Essex girl who was out all the time living life to the max, My weekend started on a Thursday and ended on a Tuesday. Life was all about having fun.

My nights out were all about having fun with the girls, and believe me we had some great night, The meeting up the next day was always good as we would be gossiping about the goings on’s from the night before. If only Face Book was around then, I’m sure i would be cringing at some of the pictures.

At one stage there was about 15 of us who would meet up and dance the night away. A few of us would met at another’s house (at this stage we all lived with our parents) making sure we had some pink champagne or vodka and some great tunes to dance around the room too as we were getting ready. Our favourite place to go was The Epping Forest Country Club… Now if your from Essex you will know this place. It was the place to be.

All the faces in Essex would be there on a Friday or Saturday night. We loved it there.

There was something about the place, it was dripping with money if you get what I mean. There would be people in their little groups that stood in the same places each week, sounds funny to say that but that’s how it was.

You would see Footballers, Soap Stars, The odd Boy Band and of course page 3 models, that was Essex!

This is where my dating first started, i loved dating Essex boys, cheeky chappies who liked to enjoy themselves …… when your young and you meet someone you believe everything they say, you fall for the chat and let me tell you that had it all!

My first love was with an Essex Boy….. just thinking about him now makes me smile :0) his name was Chris and he was someone I used to see all the time around the local area. I never thought he noticed me but seems he had. My best friend called me one night and said I’m down the gym and the instructor Chris is asking about you…………… things went from there, he was so sweet. I would get off the train and there he would be, sitting in his car waiting to take me home. I’d never had that before. I was in Love! But I was younger than him and I preferred going out at the weekend’s meeting up with friends, I didn’t want to miss out on anything. But Chris wasn’t keen, he was into bodybuilding so he wasn’t into the same things as me. It was such a shame as I really liked him but the timing wasn’t great for us so we parted.

I never forgot Chris even when I worked aboard I thought about him, then when I returned I bumped into him……. we got chatting he told me where he was working etc. Once again I couldn’t get him off my mind, so I called him one night and asked him if fancied going for a drink………….. There was a long silence then he told me that he was with someone and he really wanted to make a go of it with her. He said he heard I had gone away and didn’t know if and when I was coming back! I seriously think I heard my heart-break at that very minute.

I carried on going out with the girls but slowly this started to change, living the Essex dream to some girls was all about meeting their Mr Right and settling down. I found this strange as i just wanted to have fun I didn’t want to be tied down not yet. Don’t get me wrong i dated but it was nothing serious.

I still think about Chris and wonder how his doing and if his married, ive even had a look for him on Face Book but I’ve never found him….. maybe its best I don’t!