I went to a dear friends wedding on Friday and it was lovely. The sun was shining, the bride looked beautiful and the groom was giggling like a naughty school boy.

There was a moment of doubt as the bride was 20 mins late, but she came bouncing down the aisle with a bit of a stern look on her face…. When she turned to face the vicar we could see why, the eyelets in the back of her dress didn’t seem to be there! No wonder she was late.

The service was nice but really not my sort of thing…… ive never been one of these girls that has dreams of a big white wedding in a church, ive never been to church apart from funerals so I don’t see why I should get married in a church!

The slightly bonkers but amusing vicar was doing his bit sloting in a really bad joke when he could and then he got to the serious part when he was telling us why it’s so important for people to be married! Oh dear god (pardon the pun) if I didn’t feel bad enough that I was a singleton at a wedding well I did now…… he kept saying, things  are better done in a pair, the world is a better place in a pair, you can conquer anything in a pair!!!

Really can you??

It really got me thinking, am I looked upon differently just because im single??

Can you really conquer anything in a pair? I don’t seem to of done to bad on my own

Now please don’t be thinking that im a sour faced singleton that doesn’t like the idea of marriage as that not true, I cant wait to get married, it’s just im finding it hard to find someone who I can imagine spending the rest of my life with.

I know it will happen one day, so im in no rush……. Or should I be?

I could be like some friends and settle for anyone but that’s not me….. you only get once chance at this life thing so you need to make sure you do it to the best that you can!

Believe it or not I had it all once….. I was settled for 7 years, but…….. I thought the green was greener as they say!  

Until my Mr Right appears im happy to date for a little bit longer, it’s a tough life ;0)