This weekend has been brilliant. The sun has been shining which means people are happier; everyone seems to be smiling where ever you look. For some reason I seem to notice more loved up couples when it’s sunny.

 I had all these plans of going on a date Saturday night, but on Friday I decided that maybe I didn’t want that sort of weekend and I really wanted to spend some time with my friends so I did just that.

 Friday night I met a friend after work, we managed to get a table outside in the last bit of the evening sun (ok it was a little chilly) but come on we are British lol. We caught up on the gossip, had a few glasses of Rose then parted. I was home in my pjs by 10pm GREAT!

 Saturday was another sunny day so how could I resist a boozy lunch with the girl… I couldn’t. It’s so nice when you get together like this, it wasn’t planned it just sort of fell into place and that makes it even better.

 Sunday we took a train down to Brighton as some friends were running the Brighton Marathon, I don’t know how people do this but I have nothing but admiration for them.

 The sun was blazing down, Brighton was packed and there our friends were. This is going to sound silly but I get a bit emotional with things like this, not sure why but I do.

It was so nice to be with friends, having a laugh enjoying the weather. Even though I was with all couples I never once felt like the single friend.

Having friends like this means the world to me, men may come and go but friends will always be there and for that I love them.