It didn’t really go to plan im afraid to say!

 Monday 7.26am, I had all these great thoughts going through my head, sun is out so this will encourage me to diet. No more junk food. Healthy food all the way.

 8.36am Walked into the office to be told that we would be having a “Welcome to our new office” breakfast. So im thinking that’s ok ill have a cup of tea and chat to the newbie’s…

 10.00am All my good intentions went straight out the window, as the trolleys were wheeled into the office. Bottles of champagne, yummy cheese and ham croissants

 11.30am Feeling slightly tipsy from all the bubbles, and thinking ill start my diet tomorrow. After all I worked very hard on Saturday in the office so I deserve a little reward!

 12.30 Lunch time, I go over the park to enjoy the nice weather, I buy a salad but wasn’t hungry! Wonder why lol

 5.30pm On the train going home thinking Mmmm what can I have for dinner, I opt for a jacket potato and the salad I didn’t have at lunch. That sounds good though don’t you think…

 Well it might have been if that was all I had but an hour after dinner I fancied something sweet. The only thing in the house was a tub of chocolate spread from Hotel Chocolat…. A friend called and I was on the phone listening to the latest drama in her life (which is always funny)

 I got off the phone and yep you guessed it I had eaten half the tub.

 It was lovely… tiny bits of heaven in my mouth

 So day one didn’t go well, but you know what im not going to be hard on myself, there are plenty of other days to start a diet!