I’m starting to get a bit of reputation amongst the girls … in a good way of course.

When I tell them I have got a date, the first thing they say is …. Are you going to go on this one? And then start laughing…….

 Ok its true, if I had a £1.00 for every time I cancelled a date I would be one rich single girl hahaha

I love it when im chatting to someone and you get that feeling that they are going to ask you to meet up…. Please don’t think im a tease as im not.  

I have to say blokes are getting a lot quicker at asking to meet up and I think this might be what puts me off. I know that sounds silly but I go a lot on my gut feeling, do you know what I mean?

I think the quicker they ask you to meet up, the more likely they are just looking for a “fun time” ok I might be wrong but from past experience im normally right.

Just the other day I was chatting to a bloke, 28 sort of local to me, well he lived in Kent. I don’t even think we were chatting for an hour and he asked me to meet up with him. I said yeah that might be nice what did he fancy doing?

He said he didn’t mind, which I thought was good so I said let’s go for a drink? He agreed and said ill come to yours to get you then we can see if we fancy going out!

ALARM BELLS….. come to mine… see if we fancy going out….Mmmm doesn’t sound like a date to me it sounds like a booty call! And not what im looking for. So I did something which ive never done before I gave him my number but I mixed a few of the digits up and didn’t think anymore about it.

The date was meant to take place on Saturday, instead I took myself off for lunch with my best mate and had a good gossip with her. That night I logged onto my MSN and up popped Kent Boy… Alright blow out….. oops I didn’t think he would be bothered!

He said he had been texting me, then when I thought oh maybe I had got him wrong…. But within 15mins I knew I was right about him. He once again asked me to meet up, when I said no to him meeting at my house, he asked why not. I explained that I wasn’t looking for a booty call. He said Oh that’s a shame it would have been good!

Doris deserves better than that I think!