Well here I am again after spending a lovely week in Portugal with the girls.

Honestly Carry on Camping on nothing on us! I really thought Jeremy Beadle (God rest his soul) was going to come jumping out on us at anytime.

It all started at the airport, one of my closest friends is petrified of flying so we got to the airport early so she could settle her nerves with a few drinks! Ok so some of you will think 4 hours is a tad too early but we are girls so we always need to do a bit of shopping as well.

So there we are having some lunch and  a few pre holiday drinks to get us in the mood, conversation is flowing, we visit a few shops, stop for more drinks. All of a sudden I look at the information board and panic….. Our flight departs at 17.35 its now 16.55 and we are still sipping drinks ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now I don’t do running, let’s just say I could give myself some nice black eyes if I did, but on this occasion I had to run! Easy jet are not known for waiting on people to board and to be honest why should they we all knew the time but some how time just seem to fly by.  So picture this 4 girls running through Stansted airport laughing our heads off with nerves as we know we could risk missing the flight oops.

Do not fear we made it… just and guess what we weren’t the last people to board there was someone later than us! Great I don’t feel so bad.

We got to the other end and are met by Alex… ex pat now living in Portugal oh what a joy he was, telling us about the area “its been raining for the last week”,prices are going up round here” but the best one was, “it’s a nice area but where your staying there have been a few burglaries lately” oh magic, just what you need to hear when its 4 girls staying in a villa. Thank you Mr Doom & Gloom!

We arrive at the villa and they have this lock and key system where they give you a code and you enter it and the box opens and out pops the key. Simple right? Well yes if you are given the right key from the start! Its 11pm and we are all feeling a little tired the vodka is wearing off and we just want to get into the villa. To cut a long story short Mr Doom & Gloom had to take us to a restaurant as the guy that owned it knows the villa’s owner so takes care of things.  Only he can’t get into the key box either… he goes off to get the cleaner! Can this evening get any worse? Sure it can the cleaner couldn’t get in the key box either seems the owner had given us the wrong code and now it seemed the box was broken hahaha if we didn’t laugh we would of cried. Lucky enough the cleaner had a spare set of keys so we are finally in the villa… nearly 3 hours later but hey we are in and in the morning we are going to wake up to sunshine.

And we did wake up to brilliant sunshine and the faint smell of damp seems the villa had a leak last week and it stinks! Lucky enough we don’t care we open all the windows and start to enjoy our holiday, lazing around the pool, drinking Malibu and Orange and listening to cheesy 80 songs lovely!

We head down to the famous Strip to start our night of drinking, what a funny night lots of vodka was consumed, one of my friends got called a MILF, I couldn’t stop laughing. Finally after dancing our feet off we headed back to the villa and pass out. Good night had by all.

The Strip is the place to be if you are there on a hen/stag do or a golfing holiday if i’m honest I found it all a bit tacky, does that mean i’m getting old??? I think it does but i’m fine with that.

That might sound strange coming from an ex holiday rep, Back in 99 i worked for First Choice i worked in  Ayia Napa, Canary Islands and Greece and I loved every minute of it, I could drink with the best of them and I did! I loved my job. But these days when i’m away I like to chill out enjoy the beach/food. I can’t even be bothered to look at men; I’m on holiday so that means doing nothing to me.

It was great to get away for a week, the weather was gorgeous but I have to say I could have done without bringing home an ear infection and this god awful cold. Why is it when you get any sort of ear ache/infection you revert back to being a kid and feeling sorry for yourself.  The pain is unbearable. So much so that i’ll have to tell you about the texts from Ex’s another night!

A very tanned …..