Can anyone answer this one?

Why do Ex’s all of a sudden get in touch?

You don’t know? Well neither do I but it seems to happen a lot.

Normally when I’ve finished seeing someone I get rid of their number as I am bad for drunk texting haha come on we have all done this right ladies…. Err do I hear people saying No… ok maybe its just me. I know its silly and wrong but my drunk fingers cant resist at times.

Anyway while I was away sunning myself in Portugal I got a text from a random number saying “Guess Who? X” I look at it and think… no idea so ill leave it…… but I‘d had a drink so I cant resist and text back “ I don’t know who?” Within a few minutes I get a reply “Ian” I start to laugh. Ian is someone who I saw a few times last year, nice guy from what I remember but he had split from his wife and was going through a divorce and things got a little messy as they do and we stopped talking. Nothing bad happened he just needed time.

 I reply asking how he is etc you know general chit chat. I ask why after all this time his texted me…. Are you ready for this, he says “Every time I’m in Tesco and see Pinot Grigio Blush I think of you.” Great he sees a bottle of wine and thinks of me. Let me just make a point here when we had been out to dinner a few times I always ordered that wine as I really like it, I’m pleased he didn’t say every time I see rib eye steak I think of you though to be honest! I was still laughing when I texted him back asking if that was all he remembered about me to which he comes back with “And you have pretty feet” Random or what but it did make me laugh.

The next day I texted him to ask him if he was drunk… he said no, but I think he was. We continue to exchange a few texts over the next few days, Then nothing……. What was all that about?