So my Sunday night date…. Want to know how it went?

 I have to say I’m a little confuzzed! Why? Well I’ll tell you.

We agreed to meet at Old Orleans at Lakeside. I’ve not been there for years. I have to say I never realised that so many people go out on Sunday’s to get hammered, don’t they have work on a Monday lol

Anyway we meet there, and he greets me with a kiss on the cheek, nice I think that’s nice, he goes to the bar and gets me a drink, brownie points!

We have a bit of a chat I tell him that I think I just killed a pigeon on my way over. Honestly I don’t like the things but I didn’t mean too it was just sitting in the road I did beep the horn but he was stubborn. Anyway getting back to the point.

It’s pretty noisy where we are sitting so he asks if I’m hungry, which is handy as I am. So we go and grab a table. Conversation is flowing, and I’m doing that thing where your checking them out while their talking, you know looking at what their wearing etc. We order food a lush Rib Eye for moi and a Surf and Turf for him. Conversation is still flowing nicely. Now I’m nosey so I always have a few questions I can’t help it.

Turns out he was married for 7 years and has a son of 19 to who his close too. More brownie points.

The Food arrives and honestly I’ve never seen someone eat so fast…. Actually Jo Jo Nash might give him a run for his money lol

I’m now thinking maybe his in a rush and doesn’t want to be here anymore.  We have a few more drinks, chat some more. Then he starts yawning! Oh great  I’m boring him.

I sort of take it that he wants to go, so I decide to play the card of “it’s a Sunday night and need to be up early tomorrow”. He walks me to my car and I thank him for a nice evening and drive off home. Yep sorry no kiss.

I’m driving home thinking to myself not sure that went well, when I get a text from him. Now I’ve only been in the car 5mins. The text says “have I scared you off? X”

I’m slightly confuzzed! But I reply saying “No but I got the impression you wanted to go”

More texts are exchanged and he apologises saying that wasn’t the case at all and would I like to meet up again?

Something is telling me I should as maybe a 2nd date would be better, first dates can be a little strange!

Watch this space…..