Not sure about other online daters but me, I like talking to a few eggs (people online), where as friends of mine prefer the one egg at a time.

Maybe I’ve been doing this for too long but the way I look at it is, When you talk to one person you can get a bit too involved too quick, emailing them, spending all your time just getting to know them which is ok but you could be chatting to others as well as I think you get a better idea of who and what you might actually want.

At the moment I am talking to 6 different eggs and I like chatting to them all for different reasons. Let me introduce you.

Jimbo…Local to me, same age, seems nice but currently working long hours at work so don’t get to speak to him much. Which is fine as it doesn’t need to be rushed getting to know him. I enjoy chatting to him when we finally do. Oh and he has a dog…. I love dogs! So that’s a big plus point for me.

TGI Man… Now this was a little strange as I first meet him in TGI’s funny enough, when I was on a boozy lunch with the girls. He was the barman making us fab cocktails getting us drunk! Anyway didn’t think much about him, thought he was nice but that was it. Until 4 weeks ago he messaged me on a dating site. So we have been chatting and even met up his funny but has a very dry sense of humor, his a Personal Trainer during the day so you can imagine he has a great body and at night his bar man. I think his a great bloke but …. Am I allowed to say a little dull!

 Treemonkey…. We got talking as on his profile as he has a really cute dog with him in his picture so I made a comment about it and we got chatting. Random I know but its better than the normal “Hi how are you?” His a lovely bloke, he tells me about dates that his got planned but for some reason they always seem to cancel on him. He doesn’t have the best of luck and I really don’t know why as he seems nice. I see he just as a friend which I think is mutual.

 Double Hard Rob… Don’t you just love the nick names I give my eggs lol don’t worry its nothing dirty, He looks like a mean and moody bloke 6’3 and a skin head but I don’t think he is. For the past year his been living and working in France, but guess what? His got a house about 10mins from me which is spooky. I’ve always seen his profile and liked his pics (shallow I know) but I never got in touch with him. Then this week he messaged me and we got chatting. Not sure why though as his living in France, but hey a weekend in France could be nice!

South Ockendon Man This is the guy who asked me out within 15 minutes but guess what it worked as we met up last Sunday. Still not sure about him as the first date didn’t go too well, but he seems to have other ideas as his asked me out again on Monday so we will see.

 Then finally, last but not least

 Tommy the Electrician from Essex…. Got to love an Essex boy. We have been exchanging emails, texts and even phone calls, all in the space of a few days. It seems to be the thing now a days to ask people out quick as I’m meeting up with him on Friday after work and I’m really looking forward to it.

 Do you see a pattern emerging with me?  They all make me laugh. Now either I’m easy to make laugh or I’m a sucker for a joker??

Answers on a postcard please!

 I will admit when chatting to a few eggs you need to make sure your not Dora from Nemo (lack of memory) as you have to remember what you have spoken to people about and its best not to get details mixed up, could be slightly embarrassing don’t you think?

Keep posted to find out what happens, will any eggs crack! Sorry bad pun…..