Its official I have the bank holiday blues!

Every working week should start on a Tuesday; four day working weeks are the way forward but only if they pay for five full days.

My bank holiday weekend started at 5.30 on Friday night when I went on a date! *smile appears on my face* I had a really good time maybe a little too much as it gets you thinking about other dates you have been on in the past and how bad they were ha-ha.

 So Electrician Essex Boy met me in London which was nice as I only had to stroll across the road and there he was. Was he as nice as his pictures? He sure was and some!  He was hidden away in a little booth.  Brownie points for him jumping up and getting me a drink straight away. I was so nervous so the double vodka was appreciated. Conversation flowed straight away and even a bit of banter. He had the cheek to take the mickey out of my favourite bracelet, asking me why I was wearing the old Christmas decorations! Cheeky but funny I knew I was in for a good laugh.

 An hour into the date I had to do the toilet text to the girls to let them know how it was all going and that I’m ok. Go back up the table and carry on chatting.

 At this stage we are sitting opposite each other and I’m aware that I have this stupid grin on my face (I’m blaming the vodkas)

 We both have our hands on the table and I am aware that his glass is coming more over my side and our hands are nearly touching but not quite… I’m getting nervous again but excited, is he going to kiss me?

 Really 2 hours into the date noooo Doris don’t be silly. But then he learns over the table and comes in for a kiss

 Am I too old to be kissing in public? I actually don’t care!

 The pub is starting to fill up, but we are ok as we are sitting in a booth. Conversation is still flowing and so are the drinks.  We start looking at the drinks menu and see they do jager bombs! My favourite and it seems we have something in common as he likes them as well.

 Have you ever been on one of those dates when you really don’t want the night to end?

 I haven’t for a long time I am normally the first to make my excuses to go but tonight I don’t want too and neither does he so we carry on……….