Its been a week since I met my Electrician Essex Boy and its going well. Now some of you might think that’s stupid to say, but when you have been on as many dates as I have in the last six months you can tell. I  was chatting to a few  people and now I don’t want too so I’m not! I’m not normally the sort to put all my eggs in one basket, but with him I am.

I’ve just spent the weekend with him and its been lovely. Saturday night he took me out to dinner to my favourite restaurant and then we went to the cinema to see Hangover 2. If you havent seen it yet, you need it. It was so funny. Alan is by far the best character, he comes out with some great one liners.

Now I’ll admit while in the cinema we were that smug couple who you see that are cuddling up and even having a little kiss. What is happening to me?

Sunday we woke up and had bacon butties for breakfast (my diet is going so well) and then headed off to Ashford. His off to “shagaluf” in a few weeks for his mates stag do and he wanted to get some bits. I give him this, his a nice dresser which I like in a bloke. Once we get back he cooked a lovely lamb dinner with yorkshire pudds Mmmmm yummy I could get used to this.

He even came to mine prepared… I mean he brought some tools with him as he knew one of my sockets was sort of hanging out the wall. What a nice bloke, can he really be this nice? I actually think he could be.

So lets just see in this last week, his made me laugh alot, his rocked up at my best mates bbq and met my drunken friends and got on with them, his cooked me dinner, taken me out to dinner and most importantly made me smile.

Its been a long time since I’ve been treated this nice and I’m finding it a bit hard if I’m honest, I know its all my own doing but you cant help thinking about things in the past. So I’m going to try my hardest not too!