It seems that all my stories, good and bad about online dating have caught the attention of a friend at work. He joined a dating site about 8 months ago but he got bored after a few weeks. In his words “I can’t be bothered with all the hassle”

 As far as I know his been single for as long as I’ve worked with him, which is coming up to 3 years. He has been on a few dates and I always get excited for him but it takes him so long to actually arrange a date that I normally lose interest ha ha.  

 Does that mean the girls do too?

 His a trendy bloke, takes care of his appearance, has a good job, close to his family and good looking. So why is he single?

 I think it’s because his lazy! He will tell you it’s because he works long hours but I think if you really want to date and meet people then you will make the time and put the effort in.

 He came into the office the other day and was all smiles, so at first I thought he had got lucky, no such luck he admitted he had joined the site that I had used. Plenty of Fish

 This site is popular but people have different views on it. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve met some real loons on there but I’ve recently met someone really nice from there….. oops cant be too soppy!

 He came over to my desk and we are like a pair of school kids as he was telling me about his profile… but I wanted to see it with my own eyes so we logged on. Ok now try not to laugh as much as I did but his called himself “the cool hunter” personally I think he needs to change it but I am just pleased his actually got a profile so I’ll talk to him about that soon.

 His profile doesn’t say a lot but his picture is nice. I think he thinks that girls are going to flock to his profile and the girl of his dreams is going to drop him an email. WAKE UP Cool Hunter you need to go and hunt! So I gave him a few top tips.

 1.     Don’t favourite people if you have no intention of talking to them, it’s a wimps way of saying hey I’m shy!

2.      Visit the “would like to meet” and see if there is anyone there that catch’s your eye. If there is you should contact them.

3.      When sending emails don’t send boring ones like Hi How’s you?

4.       Read peoples profiles and don’t just look at the pictures

5.      Don’t spend too long exchanging emails as it can get boring.

6.      If you do see someone you like ask her out its only a date!

7.      Finally enjoy it…… its all about having a laugh and meeting new people.


I cant wait to see how he gets on!