Being an Essex girl I dated a few blokes back in the day with money. But to me it made no difference, ok maybe when I was younger getting picked up in a Porsche or BMW looked good but to be honest the bloke was normally an idiot!

Some blokes and I’m not saying all, think that money makes girls happy. You have a row, throw some money their way, their late or don’t show up for dinner, take you shopping! For me this didn’t work.

I’m a proud girl even now a days I always like to pay my way. I think it’s how you are brought up.

So I was intrigued when a friend of mine asked me if I had seen the dating site sugar daddies! Was it really going to be how it sounded?

Yes you guessed it I signed up……. Oh dear what a mistake.

You might think this is wrong of me to say but I had an impression of what the site might be like….

Full of divorcees
Over the age of fifty
Men looking for trophy wives

I loaded my best picture on there and wrote a bit about myself. Some how I don’t think the profiles get read by many people!

My account was up and running within 48 hrs. So I waited!

I receive an email “you have been hot listed” wow how exciting, what does that mean? Well it means someone doesn’t have the balls to mail you so they put you on a list. How un romantic

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve dated older men but the people that were hot listing me were all over fifty and some even sixty ha-ha

Finally I received some messages from blokes my age. I actually got chatting to a nice bloke but he was from Newcastle so we left it to just friends.

Then I had an ex athlete message me, he seemed normal… At first but then got all strange and wanted to fly me to Ireland for a date as he was there for a few months….. No sorry not my style.

I think I decided that enough was enough when a very nice looking banker, who spoke several languages, had homes in London, Spain and New York, messaged me and asked if I wanted an “arrangement”. What the be Jesus was that?

Well it turns out that it’s when you have an arrangement to meet up when his in London, you go to dinner, theatre or shopping and spend some time with him. Now I’m starting to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women but not in a good way.

I kindly decline his offer and he seems a bit put out maybe his never been rejected?

This site was not for me. I want romance, love, cuddles and kisses not Gucci, dinner in fancy restaurants and a call to say drop your plans I’m here!

I removed my profile, but glad that I tried it.

Doris is a tryer but this time it wasn’t right!