Is the whole world on Plenty of Fish dating site??

 I think they are.

I had someone come and look at a room that I rent out in my house today and she was great. Being girls we got chatting and it of course got round to dating. She was cracking me up. Turn’s out that my new Welsh friend is on Plenty of Fish and has also met some utter loons.

 She was really making me laugh as she thought it was just her that had bad luck so I thought I would make her feel better and tell her some of my stories.

It was defiantly an ice breaker and hopefully made her feel better.

Even better I now have a nice housemate moving in on the 1st Aug.

Life is great at the moment, work is keeping me busy and out of trouble. I’ve met a great bloke, but I am still a little scared to talk too much about him as I don’t want to jink anything.

 Things are on the up and Doris is one happy girl.