Yes a hobby. I am so bored at the moment.  The feeling sorry for myself about breaking up with Electrician Essex Boy has now gone. That was quick I hear you say but come on lets be honest if he cant talk to me to tell me what was going then his not for me.

I may sound strong but I’ll let you into a secret,inside I am hurting like you wouldn’t know but if I tell myself that I am over it and I am happy then I will be.  There is no point in wasting my time thinking about someone who clearly isn’t thinking about me.

I deserve better!

I was talking to a friend of mine and said what makes you happy?

A few months ago I would have said dating makes me happy, how bad does that sound. It was fun and always a good laugh chatting to the girls about the nights events.

Now this shouldn’t have been a hard question but I actually didn’t have an answer. Of course my family and friends make me happy. But family and friends have their own lives to be getting on with. Its time to have something for me …… but what?

It seems like all I do is go to work, come home eat and do it all again the next day…..

I am going to look at a gym as I have been informed that exercising releases happy endorphins making you feel lots better about yourself, and who knows there might be some hot guys in the gym!

The same friend that asked me the question suggested dog walking…. she said this has she has two gorgeous dogs that I adore especially Charlie, I think it’s because he is ginger like me! Ha ha  

I am always open to ideas so if you can think of a hobby for me let me know!