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I am spreading the love for Slimming World as in my first week I managed to lose 6lbs. I am so pleased.  It may not seem a lot but it has given me the motivation to stick with it.

Don’t worry I am not stupid I know that in the first few weeks you always lose a bit more than normal but I don’t mind even if I lose a few pounds a week as it all helps.

Normally on weigh in day I have a little cheat….. That’s probably where I have gone wrong in the past. This time I didn’t though I continued with the plan and used my full 15 syns.

Doing this “healthy eating plan” has made me put myself first which is nice. I am really enjoying the swimming, even when I am feeling shattered in the evenings once I am in there I feel so much better.

Also it has taken my mind off dating.  It’s nice to have a break as otherwise you find yourself talking to people who you know are not really your cup of tea, so why waste your time and there’s making idle chit chat.

I am still chatting to my Electrician Essex Boy. If I am honest I have no idea what is going on as we both flirt with each other and there still seems to be a spark but I have decided that what will be will be and I will not get hung up about it. He was always a hard one to read so best not even try.

Being friends is good enough for me at the moment or am I just kidding myself?!



Should I be this nervous about my first weigh in?

No as I have been so good but I am, Why? Because if I have not lost a lot I will feel really de motivated which is silly I know.

My dad always say’s any loss however small it is, is better than putting on. Dad’s are always right so I should listen to him, even at my age.

I feel a lot better in myself this week, not bloated and sluggish so that in itself should be a good enough reason to stick with this new “healthy eating plan”. I have even started back swimming again with my good friend Bouche in the city. I think she may have swallowed some of the pool as we are always gossiping while in there. Having someone else to do this stuff with is great. I don’t mind going on my own as it gives me to think.

Starting my “healthy eating plan” means a lot to me as I was starting to lose confidence in myself and that is not an attractive thing. If I don’t love myself how do I expect others too?

There is a certain someone back on the scene, Electrician Essex boy……… you may remember a few posts from last year about him. Would or could we ever be anything else? I am really not sure but it is always nice to have more friends.

30 minutes until I find out how well or how bad I have really done.

Wish me luck.


 That make me smile!

Listening to my mum when she’s laughing at me as I’ve said something silly

Receiving  those unexpected texts

Seeing my friends enjoying themselves on a night out

Doing Jägerbomb’s on a night out with the girls

Seeing that someone specials’ name on appear on my phone when he calls me

Snuggling up to My Electrician Essex Boy

Seeing how excited my nephew gets when he talks about darts

Waking up and its sunny

Finding out that I have lost a few more pounds at Fat Club

Remember that it’s Saturday and I don’t have to get up for work

What makes you smile?





Its been a week since I met my Electrician Essex Boy and its going well. Now some of you might think that’s stupid to say, but when you have been on as many dates as I have in the last six months you can tell. I  was chatting to a few  people and now I don’t want too so I’m not! I’m not normally the sort to put all my eggs in one basket, but with him I am.

I’ve just spent the weekend with him and its been lovely. Saturday night he took me out to dinner to my favourite restaurant and then we went to the cinema to see Hangover 2. If you havent seen it yet, you need it. It was so funny. Alan is by far the best character, he comes out with some great one liners.

Now I’ll admit while in the cinema we were that smug couple who you see that are cuddling up and even having a little kiss. What is happening to me?

Sunday we woke up and had bacon butties for breakfast (my diet is going so well) and then headed off to Ashford. His off to “shagaluf” in a few weeks for his mates stag do and he wanted to get some bits. I give him this, his a nice dresser which I like in a bloke. Once we get back he cooked a lovely lamb dinner with yorkshire pudds Mmmmm yummy I could get used to this.

He even came to mine prepared… I mean he brought some tools with him as he knew one of my sockets was sort of hanging out the wall. What a nice bloke, can he really be this nice? I actually think he could be.

So lets just see in this last week, his made me laugh alot, his rocked up at my best mates bbq and met my drunken friends and got on with them, his cooked me dinner, taken me out to dinner and most importantly made me smile.

Its been a long time since I’ve been treated this nice and I’m finding it a bit hard if I’m honest, I know its all my own doing but you cant help thinking about things in the past. So I’m going to try my hardest not too!

It didn’t really go to plan im afraid to say!

 Monday 7.26am, I had all these great thoughts going through my head, sun is out so this will encourage me to diet. No more junk food. Healthy food all the way.

 8.36am Walked into the office to be told that we would be having a “Welcome to our new office” breakfast. So im thinking that’s ok ill have a cup of tea and chat to the newbie’s…

 10.00am All my good intentions went straight out the window, as the trolleys were wheeled into the office. Bottles of champagne, yummy cheese and ham croissants

 11.30am Feeling slightly tipsy from all the bubbles, and thinking ill start my diet tomorrow. After all I worked very hard on Saturday in the office so I deserve a little reward!

 12.30 Lunch time, I go over the park to enjoy the nice weather, I buy a salad but wasn’t hungry! Wonder why lol

 5.30pm On the train going home thinking Mmmm what can I have for dinner, I opt for a jacket potato and the salad I didn’t have at lunch. That sounds good though don’t you think…

 Well it might have been if that was all I had but an hour after dinner I fancied something sweet. The only thing in the house was a tub of chocolate spread from Hotel Chocolat…. A friend called and I was on the phone listening to the latest drama in her life (which is always funny)

 I got off the phone and yep you guessed it I had eaten half the tub.

 It was lovely… tiny bits of heaven in my mouth

 So day one didn’t go well, but you know what im not going to be hard on myself, there are plenty of other days to start a diet!

This weekend I’ve been pretty busy…some how I got roped into going into the office. But I have to say it wasn’t so bad, even managed to squeeze in a bit of flirting with the work men haha

It was a productive day, we had some good tunes playing whilst we went about what we needed to do, lunch was provided, pizza (and I ate it all) and the atmosphere was good. If only it could always be like that in the office.

I like my food I really do hence why im going on yet another diet. I have 4 weeks then I will be laying on a beach so I think I should start to do something. When we booked the holiday we had 12 weeks. My plans were. Go on a diet, lose 2 stone and feel great when im away. Reality, booked the holiday, went out for lunches with the girls to talk about how great the holiday is going to be and forgot all about the diet. Ooops!

I’m proud that I have curves, and I love my boobs, but I do sometimes wish they were smaller. It’ a nightmare when I want to buy nice underwear!

If you were to ask my friends they would say im confident and sometimes I am, but sometimes I worry what guys really think about curvy girls.

So while ive been munching on my lovely cheese and crackers.. plus a large glass of rose, ive been chatting to a few guys online and I’ll admit I was shocked when they messaged me as they are pretty hot.  I was even more shocked when one of them told me his ex professional athlete… *GULP* had he read my profile it says curvy!

Sometimes I feel that im not good enough for people… how stupid does that sound????

Why wouldn’t a hot guy want to take me on a date?


The ex professional athlete has just asked me out on a date and im nervous already…….Normally when I get like this I cancel the date! My friends all laugh at me as I do this a lot when im not feeling too confident.

Wonder if I will go through with it or not……..

I’ll keep you posted!