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I am spreading the love for Slimming World as in my first week I managed to lose 6lbs. I am so pleased.  It may not seem a lot but it has given me the motivation to stick with it.

Don’t worry I am not stupid I know that in the first few weeks you always lose a bit more than normal but I don’t mind even if I lose a few pounds a week as it all helps.

Normally on weigh in day I have a little cheat….. That’s probably where I have gone wrong in the past. This time I didn’t though I continued with the plan and used my full 15 syns.

Doing this “healthy eating plan” has made me put myself first which is nice. I am really enjoying the swimming, even when I am feeling shattered in the evenings once I am in there I feel so much better.

Also it has taken my mind off dating.  It’s nice to have a break as otherwise you find yourself talking to people who you know are not really your cup of tea, so why waste your time and there’s making idle chit chat.

I am still chatting to my Electrician Essex Boy. If I am honest I have no idea what is going on as we both flirt with each other and there still seems to be a spark but I have decided that what will be will be and I will not get hung up about it. He was always a hard one to read so best not even try.

Being friends is good enough for me at the moment or am I just kidding myself?!



Should I be this nervous about my first weigh in?

No as I have been so good but I am, Why? Because if I have not lost a lot I will feel really de motivated which is silly I know.

My dad always say’s any loss however small it is, is better than putting on. Dad’s are always right so I should listen to him, even at my age.

I feel a lot better in myself this week, not bloated and sluggish so that in itself should be a good enough reason to stick with this new “healthy eating plan”. I have even started back swimming again with my good friend Bouche in the city. I think she may have swallowed some of the pool as we are always gossiping while in there. Having someone else to do this stuff with is great. I don’t mind going on my own as it gives me to think.

Starting my “healthy eating plan” means a lot to me as I was starting to lose confidence in myself and that is not an attractive thing. If I don’t love myself how do I expect others too?

There is a certain someone back on the scene, Electrician Essex boy……… you may remember a few posts from last year about him. Would or could we ever be anything else? I am really not sure but it is always nice to have more friends.

30 minutes until I find out how well or how bad I have really done.

Wish me luck.



This word feels me with dread; I can honestly say it’s a word that makes me come out in a cold sweat. Diet to me means you can’t eat what you really like or what and what is the point in that. I prefer to use the term “Healthy Eating” don’t you think it sounds better?

Like most of us I have been looking in the mirror the last few weeks and not liking what I am seeing and the only person who can change that is me!

So I have decided to do something. New Year new me.

I have tried many diets in my time and some have worked, The Cambridge Diet I lost 3 stone on but for me it wasn’t a long term thing, as I found it wasn’t good if you socialise a lot. Then there was Weight Watchers, which really wasn’t for me, I felt that I was constantly thinking about food, it felt too strict for me. I always end up going back to Slimming World, why? Because it doesn’t feel like I am on a diet as you can eat so much on it. My social life seems to revolve around eating as I am always going out for lunch or dinner with friends or round to someone’s house for a nice meal. At least this way I can still do all of this while I am on Slimming World.

My theory is that if I blog about me starting Slimming World it will give more even of a reason to stick to it as people might want to know how I am doing…. Well that’s my theory!

I have done my research and found a class that I can go to at lunch time at work, Wednesday’s 12.00, I am all set.

My fridge is stocked up with lots of “free food” the fruit bowl is flowing and I am feeling positive about it. Will I be feeling like this in a few weeks? You will have to keep an eye on my blog to find out.

Wish me luck!

My Tuesday night date with Adam was lovely. I was very impressed with myself as I managed to shower, wash my hair, iron my top, slap on some war paint (make up) and dry my hair all in 30 mins , Pat on the back for me.  To be fair I don’t wear a lot of make up never have really.

Adam arrived bang on 7pm, I opened the door and there he was with a bottle of my favourite wine and a big box of chocolates, how nice is he, *big smile across my face*. The choc and wine won’t be a regular thing it was his way of saying sorry for letting me down on Sunday.

It was really nice to see him again; I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see him.

We left my house and drive to a really nice country pub, about 30 mins from mine. Adam is a quiet bloke but not too quiet as he holds his own conversation which I like and I love hearing his stories. I get the impression he is a well thought of bloke by friends and family.

The pub that he took me too was actually one I have driven past a few times and is on my list of pubs to try.  It was what I would call a cosy pub, log fires, comfy sofa’s you felt welcome as soon as you walked in. Adam being the gent that he is ordered me a glass of rose and got himself a drink.  We go off to find a table, typical date couple as we choose the table out-of-the-way of people so we could chat.

We seem to chat about everything and found we have a common ground of certain foods. Now this may sound silly to you but we were laughing about it. I have friends that love eating olives and when I lived in Cyprus I always wanted to like them as they looked so nice but every time I tried them I couldn’t stand them. They are the sort of food I want to like but just don’t, Mad I know. But it seems Adam is the same, he always tries them thinking one day he will suddenly like them lol.

We ordered a starter to share and carried on talking. I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes though as he has the loveliest blue eyes I have ever seen.

As always the conversation gets round to work, Adam tells me that from next week he will be working in Birmingham 5 days a week and back at the weekends until Christmas………  Just my luck I meet a  really nice bloke, who is local, lovely and his going to be working away.  A little bit gutted if I am honest.  Whilst I know we have only just met, to have a chance of getting to know someone you need to see them and with him Birmingham are we going to be able to do this?

The time seems to fly, the table is cleared and we decided to skip pudding as we are both full. We head back to mine for a cuppa ….. yes just a cuppa no funny business… well just a kiss. He even asked if he could kiss me. I am really not used to this at all it’s totally different.

I am looking forward to the next date.


Normally on a Tuesday night I meet up with friends or chill out at home but not tonight, tonight Adam is taking me out for dinner. I am getting those date nerves but the nice ones!

I am really looking forward to seeing him tonight as we didn’t get to meet up on Sunday. I won’t lie I did have the hump with him for letting me down as I hate that, and I thought here we go again another one that makes plans then lets you down at the last-minute. But when he called me we had a laugh and I told him from the off I wasn’t happy, I thought it was better to be honest with him and tell him why.  He took it really well and said sorry. I must admit though he sounded rough, self-inflicted rough as he had been on the lash with the boys for the last 2 days but he doesn’t get to see his mates a lot and I think it’s nice that they all make the effort to get together.

He kept saying “I’ll make it up to you babe!” Mmmmm where have I heard that before? Electrician Essex Boy used to say it a lot but never actually did anything. I don’t know Adam that well yet so who knows he might not be like the others, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what happens.

2nd dates are fun as you get to see if you do really like that person, you get to see another side to them as 1st dates people are normally too nervous, they relax more on the 2nd one.

Oh I forgot to say I have the 2 biggest spot on my face they appeared out of nowhere today….. ok they are not that big but I never normally suffer with spots so why today of all day!  Cover up here I come!

I should get a wiggle on, I’ve got a train to catch, quick change then I am out again.

Wish me luck!



After a very busy week at work I was looking forward to the weekend. I had a date planned for Friday night but that didn’t happen. In one way I was secretly pleased. I was telling the girls on Saturday. I feel like I SHOULD be dating but to be honest I don’t want to just yet. I can’t stop thinking about my Electrician Essex boy it’s doing my head in. I miss chatting to him, he didn’t always have a lot to say but he always made me laugh.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and we had planned a girlie Sex In The City afternoon tea,  5 * hotel, cakes (check out the pic at the bottom), champagne, flirtni’s it was lovely and a chance for us girls to catch up. Two of the girls couldn’t make it but it was still nice to see the others.

After our posh afternoon tea we headed back home to Dartford football club as they were having a ladies night. Now this might just be us but when someone says ladies night, we thought, strippers, baby oiled up men, g strings….. our imagination’s were running wild!  Lucky we have good imagination’s  as when we arrived we were faced with a sea of bored housewive’s sitting around listening to a singer, who was very good may I just add but he didn’t know any songs from this era!  

We thought our prayers had been answered when the smoke alarm went off,  two fire engines turned up, but they were real fireman and they were not interested in getting their hose out for anyone! 

We were tempted to join the 18th birthday party as the music up there was excellent but we decided to call it a night. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to be sober when I got home at 11pm but we still had a giggle.

All in all it was a great weekend even managed to sort out my garden with the help of my parents.

Who know’s what this week has in store for me, but I’ll be ready for it as always.










My Electrician Essex boy didn’t let me down I’m glad to say and we had a great night.

He met me outside my office which always makes me feel special.

I wasn’t sure what we were going to do but I didn’t have to worry as he had it all sorted. The plan of action was

Leicester square for some drinks
China Town for dinner
Then cocktails

Sounds like he wanted to get me drunk… well you didn’t hear me complaining!

I can’t tell you how nice it is to meet a bloke who makes the effort in planning a night. If he had his way he would pay for everything which is lovely but I’m not used to it so I like to pay my way.

For me it was a perfect night, not because of what we did but because of the person I was with.

It felt like a first date again, which is always exciting I love that feeling.

Wonder what the next 8 weeks have in store for us!

Well here I am again after spending a lovely week in Portugal with the girls.

Honestly Carry on Camping on nothing on us! I really thought Jeremy Beadle (God rest his soul) was going to come jumping out on us at anytime.

It all started at the airport, one of my closest friends is petrified of flying so we got to the airport early so she could settle her nerves with a few drinks! Ok so some of you will think 4 hours is a tad too early but we are girls so we always need to do a bit of shopping as well.

So there we are having some lunch and  a few pre holiday drinks to get us in the mood, conversation is flowing, we visit a few shops, stop for more drinks. All of a sudden I look at the information board and panic….. Our flight departs at 17.35 its now 16.55 and we are still sipping drinks ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now I don’t do running, let’s just say I could give myself some nice black eyes if I did, but on this occasion I had to run! Easy jet are not known for waiting on people to board and to be honest why should they we all knew the time but some how time just seem to fly by.  So picture this 4 girls running through Stansted airport laughing our heads off with nerves as we know we could risk missing the flight oops.

Do not fear we made it… just and guess what we weren’t the last people to board there was someone later than us! Great I don’t feel so bad.

We got to the other end and are met by Alex… ex pat now living in Portugal oh what a joy he was, telling us about the area “its been raining for the last week”,prices are going up round here” but the best one was, “it’s a nice area but where your staying there have been a few burglaries lately” oh magic, just what you need to hear when its 4 girls staying in a villa. Thank you Mr Doom & Gloom!

We arrive at the villa and they have this lock and key system where they give you a code and you enter it and the box opens and out pops the key. Simple right? Well yes if you are given the right key from the start! Its 11pm and we are all feeling a little tired the vodka is wearing off and we just want to get into the villa. To cut a long story short Mr Doom & Gloom had to take us to a restaurant as the guy that owned it knows the villa’s owner so takes care of things.  Only he can’t get into the key box either… he goes off to get the cleaner! Can this evening get any worse? Sure it can the cleaner couldn’t get in the key box either seems the owner had given us the wrong code and now it seemed the box was broken hahaha if we didn’t laugh we would of cried. Lucky enough the cleaner had a spare set of keys so we are finally in the villa… nearly 3 hours later but hey we are in and in the morning we are going to wake up to sunshine.

And we did wake up to brilliant sunshine and the faint smell of damp seems the villa had a leak last week and it stinks! Lucky enough we don’t care we open all the windows and start to enjoy our holiday, lazing around the pool, drinking Malibu and Orange and listening to cheesy 80 songs lovely!

We head down to the famous Strip to start our night of drinking, what a funny night lots of vodka was consumed, one of my friends got called a MILF, I couldn’t stop laughing. Finally after dancing our feet off we headed back to the villa and pass out. Good night had by all.

The Strip is the place to be if you are there on a hen/stag do or a golfing holiday if i’m honest I found it all a bit tacky, does that mean i’m getting old??? I think it does but i’m fine with that.

That might sound strange coming from an ex holiday rep, Back in 99 i worked for First Choice i worked in  Ayia Napa, Canary Islands and Greece and I loved every minute of it, I could drink with the best of them and I did! I loved my job. But these days when i’m away I like to chill out enjoy the beach/food. I can’t even be bothered to look at men; I’m on holiday so that means doing nothing to me.

It was great to get away for a week, the weather was gorgeous but I have to say I could have done without bringing home an ear infection and this god awful cold. Why is it when you get any sort of ear ache/infection you revert back to being a kid and feeling sorry for yourself.  The pain is unbearable. So much so that i’ll have to tell you about the texts from Ex’s another night!

A very tanned …..

I’m starting to get a bit of reputation amongst the girls … in a good way of course.

When I tell them I have got a date, the first thing they say is …. Are you going to go on this one? And then start laughing…….

 Ok its true, if I had a £1.00 for every time I cancelled a date I would be one rich single girl hahaha

I love it when im chatting to someone and you get that feeling that they are going to ask you to meet up…. Please don’t think im a tease as im not.  

I have to say blokes are getting a lot quicker at asking to meet up and I think this might be what puts me off. I know that sounds silly but I go a lot on my gut feeling, do you know what I mean?

I think the quicker they ask you to meet up, the more likely they are just looking for a “fun time” ok I might be wrong but from past experience im normally right.

Just the other day I was chatting to a bloke, 28 sort of local to me, well he lived in Kent. I don’t even think we were chatting for an hour and he asked me to meet up with him. I said yeah that might be nice what did he fancy doing?

He said he didn’t mind, which I thought was good so I said let’s go for a drink? He agreed and said ill come to yours to get you then we can see if we fancy going out!

ALARM BELLS….. come to mine… see if we fancy going out….Mmmm doesn’t sound like a date to me it sounds like a booty call! And not what im looking for. So I did something which ive never done before I gave him my number but I mixed a few of the digits up and didn’t think anymore about it.

The date was meant to take place on Saturday, instead I took myself off for lunch with my best mate and had a good gossip with her. That night I logged onto my MSN and up popped Kent Boy… Alright blow out….. oops I didn’t think he would be bothered!

He said he had been texting me, then when I thought oh maybe I had got him wrong…. But within 15mins I knew I was right about him. He once again asked me to meet up, when I said no to him meeting at my house, he asked why not. I explained that I wasn’t looking for a booty call. He said Oh that’s a shame it would have been good!

Doris deserves better than that I think!

It didn’t really go to plan im afraid to say!

 Monday 7.26am, I had all these great thoughts going through my head, sun is out so this will encourage me to diet. No more junk food. Healthy food all the way.

 8.36am Walked into the office to be told that we would be having a “Welcome to our new office” breakfast. So im thinking that’s ok ill have a cup of tea and chat to the newbie’s…

 10.00am All my good intentions went straight out the window, as the trolleys were wheeled into the office. Bottles of champagne, yummy cheese and ham croissants

 11.30am Feeling slightly tipsy from all the bubbles, and thinking ill start my diet tomorrow. After all I worked very hard on Saturday in the office so I deserve a little reward!

 12.30 Lunch time, I go over the park to enjoy the nice weather, I buy a salad but wasn’t hungry! Wonder why lol

 5.30pm On the train going home thinking Mmmm what can I have for dinner, I opt for a jacket potato and the salad I didn’t have at lunch. That sounds good though don’t you think…

 Well it might have been if that was all I had but an hour after dinner I fancied something sweet. The only thing in the house was a tub of chocolate spread from Hotel Chocolat…. A friend called and I was on the phone listening to the latest drama in her life (which is always funny)

 I got off the phone and yep you guessed it I had eaten half the tub.

 It was lovely… tiny bits of heaven in my mouth

 So day one didn’t go well, but you know what im not going to be hard on myself, there are plenty of other days to start a diet!