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I am spreading the love for Slimming World as in my first week I managed to lose 6lbs. I am so pleased.  It may not seem a lot but it has given me the motivation to stick with it.

Don’t worry I am not stupid I know that in the first few weeks you always lose a bit more than normal but I don’t mind even if I lose a few pounds a week as it all helps.

Normally on weigh in day I have a little cheat….. That’s probably where I have gone wrong in the past. This time I didn’t though I continued with the plan and used my full 15 syns.

Doing this “healthy eating plan” has made me put myself first which is nice. I am really enjoying the swimming, even when I am feeling shattered in the evenings once I am in there I feel so much better.

Also it has taken my mind off dating.  It’s nice to have a break as otherwise you find yourself talking to people who you know are not really your cup of tea, so why waste your time and there’s making idle chit chat.

I am still chatting to my Electrician Essex Boy. If I am honest I have no idea what is going on as we both flirt with each other and there still seems to be a spark but I have decided that what will be will be and I will not get hung up about it. He was always a hard one to read so best not even try.

Being friends is good enough for me at the moment or am I just kidding myself?!



Should I be this nervous about my first weigh in?

No as I have been so good but I am, Why? Because if I have not lost a lot I will feel really de motivated which is silly I know.

My dad always say’s any loss however small it is, is better than putting on. Dad’s are always right so I should listen to him, even at my age.

I feel a lot better in myself this week, not bloated and sluggish so that in itself should be a good enough reason to stick with this new “healthy eating plan”. I have even started back swimming again with my good friend Bouche in the city. I think she may have swallowed some of the pool as we are always gossiping while in there. Having someone else to do this stuff with is great. I don’t mind going on my own as it gives me to think.

Starting my “healthy eating plan” means a lot to me as I was starting to lose confidence in myself and that is not an attractive thing. If I don’t love myself how do I expect others too?

There is a certain someone back on the scene, Electrician Essex boy……… you may remember a few posts from last year about him. Would or could we ever be anything else? I am really not sure but it is always nice to have more friends.

30 minutes until I find out how well or how bad I have really done.

Wish me luck.



This word feels me with dread; I can honestly say it’s a word that makes me come out in a cold sweat. Diet to me means you can’t eat what you really like or what and what is the point in that. I prefer to use the term “Healthy Eating” don’t you think it sounds better?

Like most of us I have been looking in the mirror the last few weeks and not liking what I am seeing and the only person who can change that is me!

So I have decided to do something. New Year new me.

I have tried many diets in my time and some have worked, The Cambridge Diet I lost 3 stone on but for me it wasn’t a long term thing, as I found it wasn’t good if you socialise a lot. Then there was Weight Watchers, which really wasn’t for me, I felt that I was constantly thinking about food, it felt too strict for me. I always end up going back to Slimming World, why? Because it doesn’t feel like I am on a diet as you can eat so much on it. My social life seems to revolve around eating as I am always going out for lunch or dinner with friends or round to someone’s house for a nice meal. At least this way I can still do all of this while I am on Slimming World.

My theory is that if I blog about me starting Slimming World it will give more even of a reason to stick to it as people might want to know how I am doing…. Well that’s my theory!

I have done my research and found a class that I can go to at lunch time at work, Wednesday’s 12.00, I am all set.

My fridge is stocked up with lots of “free food” the fruit bowl is flowing and I am feeling positive about it. Will I be feeling like this in a few weeks? You will have to keep an eye on my blog to find out.

Wish me luck!