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I am spreading the love for Slimming World as in my first week I managed to lose 6lbs. I am so pleased.  It may not seem a lot but it has given me the motivation to stick with it.

Don’t worry I am not stupid I know that in the first few weeks you always lose a bit more than normal but I don’t mind even if I lose a few pounds a week as it all helps.

Normally on weigh in day I have a little cheat….. That’s probably where I have gone wrong in the past. This time I didn’t though I continued with the plan and used my full 15 syns.

Doing this “healthy eating plan” has made me put myself first which is nice. I am really enjoying the swimming, even when I am feeling shattered in the evenings once I am in there I feel so much better.

Also it has taken my mind off dating.  It’s nice to have a break as otherwise you find yourself talking to people who you know are not really your cup of tea, so why waste your time and there’s making idle chit chat.

I am still chatting to my Electrician Essex Boy. If I am honest I have no idea what is going on as we both flirt with each other and there still seems to be a spark but I have decided that what will be will be and I will not get hung up about it. He was always a hard one to read so best not even try.

Being friends is good enough for me at the moment or am I just kidding myself?!



I’ve got that excited school girl feeling….

Do you know what I mean?

You’re excited but nervous at the same time. It’s a bit like when you’re a kid and its coming up to Christmas and you get excited.

Well that’s me. Why?

Friday is normally my date night with my Electrician Essex Boy, but his let me down a bit lately (it can’t be helped I know). So now when we make plans I’m a little nervous. Please tell me I’m not the only girl in the world who gets excited when they have plans to see someone, especially when it’s someone you really like.

Yep there I said it, I do really like him. But I am worried that if I say it out loud I’ll jink it. How stupid is that!

I thought I wore my heart on my sleeve but I’m not too sure I do anymore. I guess I expect the worst to happen as it normally does.

Some of the girls have stopped asking me about him now as I was getting a little bit annoyed. They kept teasing me saying “is he your boyfriend yet”, when you seeing your boyfriend”. Normally I am up for a bit of banter but this touched a nerve with me. I would love to say he is my boyfriend but I can’t, not yet maybe one day.

When does someone become your boyfriend? Why is the title boyfriend so important?

I like the way it is going,  we don’t see each other all the time but what’s the rush. When we do, we always have a good laugh. We speak all the time via text and phone calls.

People have always said there are nice blokes out there and you know what I think I might have found one of them…. But sshhh don’t tell everyone.


By now you would have noticed I love giving people nick name’s, it’s something I’ve always done.

Last year I met a bloke, he was from Durham so I nick named him Northern Monkey, Monkey for short.

I should have known from the start that he was going to be trouble, my mates could see it but I couldn’t. Looking back on it I can see it now but isn’t that always the way!

For 6 months he put me through hell. He thought he could rock up to my house and I’d drop everything for him. At first I did, I never asked any questions. He would always get in touch and, me being a soft touch would give him the benefit of the doubt!

I know what an idiot.

He even asked me to marry him not once, twice but several times. He thought that would make it all better.

One night I had been out to dinner with the girls when I got an unknown call on my mobile. The first time I didn’t answer, I had a feeling it was going to be something to do with Monkey…. The second time i answered it. It was a girl asking me why my number was on her boyfriend’s mobile bill. So I asked who her boyfriend was.  Well I’m sure you have guessed already but yes it was Monkey!

She asked why he was calling me so I said she should ask him. She asked when I had seen him last so I was honest and said the weekend. She told me I was lying as he was at work!

She then told me that they were getting married….. I said I’m sorry to hear that as he had asked me to marry him as well but I said no.

As you can imagine the conversation got a bit nasty. I reminded her that it was her that called me and I was just being honest with her.

I ended the conversation by saying good luck marrying him as I think you’re going to need it.

I was upset but also relieved as it was all making sense now and I wasn’t going mad. He was living a double life!

I sent him one last text informing him that his fiancée had been in touch and I hoped the wedding went well!  Ok it wasn’t as nice as that, I couldn’t repeat what I actually put in that text.

I never heard from him again……….

That was until this weekend, I was having a great time sitting in the sun at my sisters when I got a Facebook request from him!

I felt sick, but that was soon replaced with anger. How bloody dare he. I rejected it straight away. Then carried on with my weekend.

I should point out at this stage that I am very happy at the moment life is going well. Work is busy but going well and I’ve met someone who makes me smile and means a lot to me.

I got home the next day and there was a note on the mat from Monkey. Once again I was fuming, he wanted to speak to me ASAP. Tough! I wanted to speak  to him 8 month ago.

What makes people like him think they can decide as and when he wants to speak to me, what could he have to say to me that he couldn’t have said 8 months ago?

Who cares… I don’t.

It’s Ex’s like these that make us girls strong!

Its official I have the bank holiday blues!

Every working week should start on a Tuesday; four day working weeks are the way forward but only if they pay for five full days.

My bank holiday weekend started at 5.30 on Friday night when I went on a date! *smile appears on my face* I had a really good time maybe a little too much as it gets you thinking about other dates you have been on in the past and how bad they were ha-ha.

 So Electrician Essex Boy met me in London which was nice as I only had to stroll across the road and there he was. Was he as nice as his pictures? He sure was and some!  He was hidden away in a little booth.  Brownie points for him jumping up and getting me a drink straight away. I was so nervous so the double vodka was appreciated. Conversation flowed straight away and even a bit of banter. He had the cheek to take the mickey out of my favourite bracelet, asking me why I was wearing the old Christmas decorations! Cheeky but funny I knew I was in for a good laugh.

 An hour into the date I had to do the toilet text to the girls to let them know how it was all going and that I’m ok. Go back up the table and carry on chatting.

 At this stage we are sitting opposite each other and I’m aware that I have this stupid grin on my face (I’m blaming the vodkas)

 We both have our hands on the table and I am aware that his glass is coming more over my side and our hands are nearly touching but not quite… I’m getting nervous again but excited, is he going to kiss me?

 Really 2 hours into the date noooo Doris don’t be silly. But then he learns over the table and comes in for a kiss

 Am I too old to be kissing in public? I actually don’t care!

 The pub is starting to fill up, but we are ok as we are sitting in a booth. Conversation is still flowing and so are the drinks.  We start looking at the drinks menu and see they do jager bombs! My favourite and it seems we have something in common as he likes them as well.

 Have you ever been on one of those dates when you really don’t want the night to end?

 I haven’t for a long time I am normally the first to make my excuses to go but tonight I don’t want too and neither does he so we carry on……….

 Can anyone answer this one?

Why do Ex’s all of a sudden get in touch?

You don’t know? Well neither do I but it seems to happen a lot.

Normally when I’ve finished seeing someone I get rid of their number as I am bad for drunk texting haha come on we have all done this right ladies…. Err do I hear people saying No… ok maybe its just me. I know its silly and wrong but my drunk fingers cant resist at times.

Anyway while I was away sunning myself in Portugal I got a text from a random number saying “Guess Who? X” I look at it and think… no idea so ill leave it…… but I‘d had a drink so I cant resist and text back “ I don’t know who?” Within a few minutes I get a reply “Ian” I start to laugh. Ian is someone who I saw a few times last year, nice guy from what I remember but he had split from his wife and was going through a divorce and things got a little messy as they do and we stopped talking. Nothing bad happened he just needed time.

 I reply asking how he is etc you know general chit chat. I ask why after all this time his texted me…. Are you ready for this, he says “Every time I’m in Tesco and see Pinot Grigio Blush I think of you.” Great he sees a bottle of wine and thinks of me. Let me just make a point here when we had been out to dinner a few times I always ordered that wine as I really like it, I’m pleased he didn’t say every time I see rib eye steak I think of you though to be honest! I was still laughing when I texted him back asking if that was all he remembered about me to which he comes back with “And you have pretty feet” Random or what but it did make me laugh.

The next day I texted him to ask him if he was drunk… he said no, but I think he was. We continue to exchange a few texts over the next few days, Then nothing……. What was all that about?