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I woke up on Sunday and decided it was time to join the gym again, not that I’m really a gym person but I do love to go swimming. So I picked up my friend Bouche in the city and off we went.

I was glad to get out the house as I had a date in the afternoon and I really didn’t want to sit at home thinking about it all and getting even more nervous.  Bouche helped take my mind off the up and coming date. We swum for a bit, had a Jacuzzi, sauna and a steam and of course a gossip.

By the time I got home I was running a bit late but Adam was fine he said he would meet me in the pub.  I was so nervous before I left the house that I had a glass of wine… Not the best move as, and not always I come out all red my face feels like it’s on fire. I’ve been to the doctors about this a few years ago and was told I could be allergic to alcohol WHAT! That can’t be true.

As I got closer to the pub I give him a call to find out where he was sitting, he ended up coming outside to meet me. Bless him what a nice bloke I even got a little peck on the cheek.

Did he look like his pictures? I am pleased to say he did. He seems like a lovely bloke with the most beautiful eyes.

We got some drinks and grab a table, the pub isn’t busy so we are able to chat which is nice.

It’s funny when you chat to someone online you never actually know what they are going to be like but you sort of have an idea in your head. I thought Adam would be a down to earth bloke, from what his told me he is a hard worker and a bit of a family bloke. I’ll admit I thought he was going to be a bit too nice if you get what I mean, but his not his just right.

He had some great stories that made me laugh, the more we chatted the more we relaxed or was that the vodka?

Adam has only been separated from his wife for 6 months and I had my reservations about meeting up with him due to that, but I am glad I put that to one side as I had a brilliant afternoon.

Will I be seeing him again? Yes I will most definitely.



This weekend I’ve been pretty busy…some how I got roped into going into the office. But I have to say it wasn’t so bad, even managed to squeeze in a bit of flirting with the work men haha

It was a productive day, we had some good tunes playing whilst we went about what we needed to do, lunch was provided, pizza (and I ate it all) and the atmosphere was good. If only it could always be like that in the office.

I like my food I really do hence why im going on yet another diet. I have 4 weeks then I will be laying on a beach so I think I should start to do something. When we booked the holiday we had 12 weeks. My plans were. Go on a diet, lose 2 stone and feel great when im away. Reality, booked the holiday, went out for lunches with the girls to talk about how great the holiday is going to be and forgot all about the diet. Ooops!

I’m proud that I have curves, and I love my boobs, but I do sometimes wish they were smaller. It’ a nightmare when I want to buy nice underwear!

If you were to ask my friends they would say im confident and sometimes I am, but sometimes I worry what guys really think about curvy girls.

So while ive been munching on my lovely cheese and crackers.. plus a large glass of rose, ive been chatting to a few guys online and I’ll admit I was shocked when they messaged me as they are pretty hot.  I was even more shocked when one of them told me his ex professional athlete… *GULP* had he read my profile it says curvy!

Sometimes I feel that im not good enough for people… how stupid does that sound????

Why wouldn’t a hot guy want to take me on a date?


The ex professional athlete has just asked me out on a date and im nervous already…….Normally when I get like this I cancel the date! My friends all laugh at me as I do this a lot when im not feeling too confident.

Wonder if I will go through with it or not……..

I’ll keep you posted!

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances”

Quoted from “All the world’s a stage”  William Shakespeare‘s As You Like It,


Who is Doris


Shes 33 year old Ginger singleton from Essex who now lives in Kent. I have no children, ive never been married.  I have the best circle of friends you could ask for, their fun loving, straight talking but most of all they are there for me.


I have a good paying job

My own house

My own car

My own teeth

A full head of hair

and a great pair of boobs!


I always find it funny when you meet or are introduced to new people and you get asked those deadly questions


How many kids do you have …… None

Are you married…. ……….No

Do you have a boyfriend ……  No

Are you Gay…………….. No


I’m happy :0)


I will admit, I didn’t think I would be single with no children at 33…. ok nearly 34 but you can never tell what cards life is going to deal you!


I’ve been in relationships, good and bad, ive been single and now im dating.


I am one of the many people who uses the internet for dating.  Years ago there was a real stigma attached to those words but now a days your be surprised at the amount of people who use it. (including my neighbour 3 doors up)


Dating to me doesn’t mean sleeping with people, It means going out for dinner or drinks


Believe me at times dating can be hard work…. its sort of like having a 2nd job at times, but it’s fun as well as you get to meet some real characters… come meet them with me!